Cuming County Telecommunications Foundation

The Cuming County Telecommunications Foundation was formed on November 22nd, 2011 in order to assist and encourage the development of new telecommunications infrastructure and services to the people of Cuming County in the state of Nebraska.

The foundation plans to acquire funds from private donations and/or donations from other foundations to pursue its goals.

The funds acquired by the foundation will be used to assist the advancement of telecommunications technology. These technologies include; voices services, data services, video services, and any other like services provided to the people of Cuming County in the future. At the present time the foundation will be focusing on the deployment of fiber optic infrastructure for delivery of such services.

The foundation will use funds to give low interest loans to local companies willing to develop the technologies. The foundation will also be involved in providing low interest loans to businesses looking to expand telecommunications technologies utilized within their business. The foundation will also grant monies to students of Cuming County planning to pursue the telecommunications field.

It is realized that Cuming County’s economic pulse will benefit greatly from using local companies to develop these technologies. The current configuration of telecommunications facilities and companies in Cuming County allows for the majority of revenue to leave the county. For this reason, the foundation will focus on assisting local companies with expanding and upgrading these technologies. If local companies are unable to deploy such services, the foundation will still pursue the deployment of new telecommunications technologies through other available avenues.

The foundation desires to strengthen the local economy and increase the availability of cutting edge telecommunications technology to local businesses by assisting the deployment telecommunications infrastructure.

Board of Directors

President - Ryan Kuester

Vice President - Chris Kreikemeier

Treasurer - Nate Strehle

Secretary - Craig Schmaderer

Director - Nate Eby